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Frequently Asked Questions


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Welcome to Healing Sounds Music Therapy.

Sometimes it can be difficult to seek out help for your struggles, so I appreciate you coming here. I hope you are able to find the information you’re looking for, and I hope you will call to talk to me in person with any questions you may have.

Stephanie Bolton

"Music has the power to truly transform our lives."

- Stephanie Bolton

Healing Sounds Music Therapy

We are all on a journey toward our own sense of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. Healing can include transforming old beliefs, thought patterns, and patterns of behavior into new, pro-active, healthy ones. Healing can be gaining a higher perspective that allows new perceptions of ourselves and others.

Ultimately, the journey is about finding a sense of wholeness within ourselves. We can finally affirm ourselves in our totality and find fulfillment. We release what no longer serves us and embrace those thoughts, ideas, behaviors, people, and situations that move us forward and toward an authentic self.

Many people find Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) gets to the heart of the problems they are dealing with more quickly than traditional "talk" therapies. This music-centered approach works as a mind-body intervention to connect you with your own deepest wisdom as a means to develop greater self-awareness, wellness, and creativity in transforming personal, career, health, and relationship challenges.

Healing Sounds Music Therapy focuses on serving women who are experiencing life transitions such as marriage or divorce, empty nest, motherhood, geographic relocation, job loss or career change.  Music therapy and GIM can be for short or long-term challenges, and it can be utilized in conjunction with other traditional talk therapies to maximize results. 

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